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A friend and I took a road trip up to Williamsport and Wellsboro this past weekend to visit family and do some leaf looking. (Or, as my dad used to tell me the tourists would say, “look at the foilage [sic].”) We had a great time, ate fantastic food at Talarigo’s Paradise Grill (125 East Ave, Wellsboro, PA), and got a few good shots of the foliage from the back roads on our way to the Grand Canyon of PA. The sun set just as I got to the canyon, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted, but it was okay, because I was also too full to walk very far! I’m still learning how to use my new(ish) camera in different situations, so these were all taken on automatic. Hopefully, I will have learned more about what I’m doing in time for next year’s leaf show.