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Normally, I wait until I feel like I have something meaningful to say before I wander over here to WordPress and start typing.  As you can tell, it’s been a long while since I’ve felt like I’ve had anything meaningful to say.  I’ve started a couple of blog posts, and then discarded them halfway through because they were just THAT BAD.  Well, this one ain’t gonna be great, either, but it’s not here to be pretty.  It’s here to try and hold myself accountable.


I know I’ve talked about New Year’s Resolutions before, and I’m not great with them.  So, I’m not calling this a New Year’s Resolution.  I’m not sure what I’m calling it, yet.  Perhaps “The Pretty People in Pictures Project.”  Every time I try to get healthier, I always seem to falter almost before I get started.  Well, this time I have put an enormous carrot at the end of this stick to keep me going.  In October, I’m going to a fan convention, and I’m getting my picture taken with four of the stars of my new favorite TV show, Supernatural.


I’m new to the show (spent most of December watching on Netflix, vudu, and Hulu until I was caught up to current), and I’m new to the idea of going to a convention.  I’ve always thought SD ComicCon would be a cool thing to do if I ever won tickets as a prize, but I’ve never considered actually attending anything like this before.  Suddenly, I’m watching con videos on YouTube, and looking up if there’s one near me!  (My husband is starting to wonder if I’m under some kind of hypnotic spell after watching 200+ episodes and probably another 50-100 con videos.)  Apparently, now that I live in a gigantic city, there IS a con that will be near me.  Ridiculously close, too.  Like, I think it’s closer than my grocery store.  After reading everything on the convention web site at least three times, I decided that I will probably only do this once, so I’m going ALL OUT.  I’m going Gold.  Going Gold means I get the full experience, with the least amount of hassle and standing in line (which is a HUGE plus for me because standing is the hardest activity for me short of running).


I thought long and hard about this.  I’m facing three days of intense excitement, activity, crowds, and noise.  This is a Fibromite’s worst nightmare.  And I’m going to PAY for the privilege?  Yes, I am.  If I’m going to do this, though, I need to make it the big prize for doing something major.  Also, if I’m going to survive, I need to build my stamina and get stronger, or I will have paid a fortune to spend the weekend missing out on all of the fun.  This weekend in October will be a marathon, and I need to train for it.


Apparently, that wasn’t enough pressure to put on myself, though.  I decided to get photo ops with the four major cast members.  This means that not only do I need to be strong enough to survive the weekend, I’m going to get my picture taken with people who get paid good money to look pretty.  Whoa.  What was I thinking??  I hate getting my picture taken with a purple passion.  Seriously.  I won’t run away from cameras, but the distinct lack of selfies in my social media is intentional.  Now, I’m faced with being in a picture with seriously good looking people.  This means I want more than to just be healthy enough to survive the weekend.  I want to look GOOD.


So, here’s the plan: By October, I want to have lost at least 40 pounds.  This is less than half of the weight I probably need to lose, but in ten months (now 9, since I started last month), 40 pounds is a reasonable goal.  It’s a pound a week or thereabouts.  If I lose more than that, I’ll be ecstatic.  Also, by October, I want to be doing some kind of exercising on a routine basis that makes me stronger.  I’ve done this before, I can do it again.  I have equipment here in the apartment I can use, and stacks of papers filled with exercises I should be doing to strengthen this or that body part (all gotten from medical professionals).  I have the time.  I can do this.


It’s been about a month since I started writing down everything I eat (which is big for me because I forget what I’ve eaten and then wonder why I’m fat), and keeping track of my weight.  So far, I’ve lost about 10 pounds!  I have tried doing even my simplest floor exercises, but I ended up in a flare that put me in bed for almost three days.  Starting this during my worst season of the year was not ideal.  I’m trying to not let it get me down, though.  Even if I can’t get moving until Spring, I’m losing weight, which will make it easier when I do start moving.


And this is why I’m writing a not pretty blog post today.  I’m making myself accountable to you four or five people out there who actually read my stuff.  I’m doing this.  Keep me honest, folks!


Oh, and when this is all over, I’m SO eating pie!!

I love pie, too, Dean

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