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A few days ago, we had a rainy sunset which created the weirdest light.  I ran outside with my camera and desperately tried to capture the color, but failed miserably.  Enter Microsoft Picture Manager and Paint Shop Pro!  (I know, everyone uses Photoshop, but I picked up the wrong box several years ago, so now I live with it.)  I spent some time adjusting the color on some of these to try and get the pictures to look as eerie as I remember it.  I had a lot of trouble with focus because of the rain.  I’m not sure how to remedy that in the future.  If anyone has any tips, I’ll take them!


Flowerbed in rain

One of my mom’s flowerbeds in the rain

Weird light pond

Edited to look like how I remember it during the rain storm with the weird light.

Weird light trees

Edited to look like how I remember it.

Rainy sky

No edit on this one. I just thought it looked neat!

Eerie outside bright inside

Showing the contrast of the brightness from inside vs. the eerie darkness outside.