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There was some fantastic light happening late this afternoon, so I grabbed my camera and decided to play with it a little.  Unfortunately, since I still don’t know what most of the options on my camera actually mean, I was just changing settings and seeing what happened.  In the end, most of the time, I switched over to easy mode and let the camera do the work.  This is the first time I got to play with the reflections of light on the lens, though, so that was interesting.  Some things I thought might look cool actually didn’t and vice versa.  I also now know why photographers always wear hats.  With some of these pictures I couldn’t actually see what I was getting because I was completely blinded by the sun.


Anyway, if you are a professional photographer, or someone who at least knows what the heck an F stop is (I knew once, and I have forgotten), and you have some advice for how to take better pictures, please feel free to leave a comment and teach me!  Someday, perhaps after I learn Swedish, I will sit down and do a concentrated internet search and learn what everything is and means and does.  Until then, I’ll take whatever morsels of wisdom I can grab whenever they are offered!


If you’re interested in seeing some other pics I took today, but with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, check out my instagram feed!