The almost-year since my last post has been a rough one for me and my family, and finding time to sit down and write has been impossible.  To be honest, right now I’m writing this because it hit me in the shower, and I don’t even have my glasses on, yet, so please pardon any typos.  I started a post back in October, and it has been sitting on my laptop (where such things go to die, because serious work should be done on the desktop, right?) ever since.  However, Spring is coming!  I know, I’m the eternal optimist, right?  This winter has sucked serious balls and seems to be neverending, but I have hope.  With Spring comes, for me, increased energy, decreased pain, and the brain I thought I lost in the leaf pile that got shipped off to wherever they take leaf piles after I bag them up and leave them on the curb.


This means I have hope that in the coming weeks, I will have the time and energy and brainpower to find that post from October, polish it up, and post it here.  Along with a couple of other posts that came to me when I was in the shower.  Seriously. why do these things come to me in the shower?  I’m not that attractive naked, and the paper keeps getting soggy.


So, stay tuned!


But don’t hold your breath.  There aren’t that many of you following me and I can’t afford for a single one of you to suffocate.