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I have been lucky enough to marry a man who is originally from a place that I think is about the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.  In 2008, we spent Christmas with his family in their cabin in Hålviken Sweden.  Hålviken is in central Sweden, right on the coast, in a little bay.  Sweden seemed to know that I had a new camera that I wanted to try out and gave me a gorgeous show as a Christmas present.

I would wake up in the morning around 6AM (because jet lag turns a night owl from Iowa into a morning person in Sweden), and the first bit of light would be coloring the sky.  Around 10AM or so, the sun would make it’s first appearance over the mountain.  Around 2PM, the sun would disappear behind the archipelago, and the evening light show would begin.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beautiful colors in the sky at once short of a rainbow.  By 4PM, the darkness would be total, and the stars would come out.  I have only recently learned how to get my camera to take night shots, so I was unable to get any pictures of the night stars in 2008.  I have hope for future trips, though!

So, here is my favorite pics from that Christmas in Sweden in 2008.  I hope you like them!